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Sid R. Testimonial

I cannot recommend Alyssa Acompora highly enough, as a coach, and as a nurse leader. Her insights go way beyond her years. She has a way of seeing into the core of a situation with lightning speed and clarity, but also with a heart of deep kindness and compassion -- qualities that make healing, and transformation possible. She exudes high energy for the task at hand, but is also grounded with deep mindfulness, a rare balance to find! I am grateful beyond words to have benefitted from her skilled coaching.

As a woman in my 50's, facing some particular challenges in life, Alyssa was brave and didn't hesitate to jump right in and meet me where I was, and I am thankful! Working with Alyssa was truly transformative in ways I could not have expected. Whether one is looking to improve wellness, work-life balance, stress reduction, or in manifesting a big dream, Alyssa can help you get there!


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