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Melissa S. Testimonial

Before I started working with you, I had been doing a lot of personal work to try and combat the burnout and fatigue I had encountered over the past 4 years. Emerging out of a very dark place with help from therapy & listening to my own needs (&making them a priority), I was happy to jump on board when you offered your coaching sessions. I think what I have appreciated most from our time working together is your empathy and knowledge of what it’s like to suffer through burnout & sharing your insights in a nonjudgmental manner. You shine such a bright light to those who you encounter (you really do) and you’re one of the few people I feel comfortable opening up to in that way. I think by establishing the “little wins” each session, I was able to tackle issues that I had felt were overwhelming and almost too big to cope with… taking them apart little by little helped with that.

Again, coming from pandemic nursing— I can’t emphasize how much I felt connected to you & how that built trust & respect in our coaching sessions. I spoke to you briefly about this, therapy is an extraordinary experience for anyone who participates and does the work, however at times, I feel like there’s a disconnect… that person probably got to work from home during the pandemic, doesn’t have a grasp on what kind of world it is to work in medicine, and because of that I’ve always felt slightly disconnected from my therapist. But you!! You get it… you were right there with me and I think it builds a type of rapport that is hard to find when wanting to set goals and work on yourself.

I think the major takeaway from our work together is the awareness I have to treat myself kindly, allow for there to be things I let fall behind, but to constantly be aware of them and work on them slowly. Implementing new routines that are healthier for me, for my growing family. Getting out of the funk that I feel like I’ve been in for the past couple of years and taking control of my own health and wellness, instead of putting others first.

Overall, I think ANYONE & EVERYONE could benefit from your coaching sessions. Alyssa- you are one of the most empathetic and kind beings on this planet! So many people could benefit from your guidance. I especially think of all my nursing friends who have adapted, maybe not in the healthiest ways, to this post-pandemic- broken healthcare system we are a part of. There are many things they feel they can’t change, but there’s so much that can be done that’s in our locum of control. That’s where you come in. I think so many nurses, healthcare workers who could benefit!!


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