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Rebecca K. Testimonial

Before I decided to work with Alyssa I was in a generally good place. I was physically active, enjoyed my job, and had love and stability in my home and life. I wasn’t sure what my initial goals would be from our time together but after one session of talking with Alyssa she helped me believe that I was capable of almost anything. I was able to reflect on aspects of my life I wanted to see improvement in, and to make tangible and measurable goals to improve in those areas. A huge area of improvement from my time with Alyssa has been my physical and mental health.

As I stated, I was already pretty active, but I had a negative relationship with food (eating too few calories, largely restricting myself in dieting etc). Alyssa helped me count my macros and fuel my body appropriately, and the results were incredible. I have been able to eat almost double the calories while losing weight, gaining confidence, and feeling more energy in my day-to-day life. Importantly, the nutritional and exercise plans Alyssa developed for me feel great, are fun, and are more lifelong habits than a crash or fad diet/exercise routine. I will take these lessons with me well into the future as I continue to nurture myself and my body.

In addition to better eating and a healthier physical lifestyle, a major goal of my time with Alyssa was learning to have better self-love and care. In the past, I spent most of my time with others being social and investing into various friendships and along the way I realized I wasn’t prioritizing myself. Through work with Alyssa I learned more about mindfulness, and self- gratitude which helped me mitigate my anxiety and learn how to love my alone time. My work on myself further manifested back into my relationships as I had more capacity for the people around me when I felt more comfortable on my own.

I would recommend Alyssa as a life coach for anyone looking to live their best life. Alyssa is a motivator, encourager, and has such a positive outlook on self-love that is contagious! She pushes if you ask for it but knows when to nurture if that’s the better approach. I did not have one large goal or big event in mind to improve myself before working with Alyssa, but many small areas I wanted to improve upon in life. By the end of our three months together I had improved my rankings of each category of my life, and adopted lifelong strategies that I will take with my on my continued journey of self-love and gratitude.


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