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Melissa H. Testimonial

After a lifetime of undiagnosed ADHD and working as an ICU nurse during the pandemic as a new mom suffering from postpartum anxiety, my unhealthy coping mechanisms and guilt left me in a dark hole of depression and anxiety. Before starting coaching with Alyssa, I was literally doing nothing, paralyzed by overwhelm and shame, knowing I was not healthy or happy but incapable of changing, moving forward, or doing the smallest of things.

I have loved how easy it is to talk about anything I am struggling with, and how I feel no shame or judgement from Alyssa. In our first session she said “come as you are”. That has stuck with me and I repeat it often to myself. Other quotes that reverberate often include “what if it all works out” and “progress not perfection”.

She recognizes and celebrates even the smallest gains with authenticity and enthusiasm and has an amazing way of providing much needed, gentle yet effective accountability. Email recaps about our sessions and well-timed, encouraging check-ins have been so helpful. I believe her experience as a nurse and amazing personality has created a sense of mutual respect and symbiotic growth that feels like genuine caring and has helped me on my journey toward greatness by focusing on my wellbeing.

Since working with Alyssa, I have been able to identify the obstacles to the changes I have desperately been seeking in order to be a happier healthier version of me for myself and my three year old son, and am now making profound progress towards the big stuff by focusing on the little stuff.

I have seen improvements in things such as my blood pressure, substance use, medication and medical therapy compliance, daily routine, and movement toward what I really want out of this wonderful life. I am “leaning into” change and possibility and feel more self aware and confident, with a newfound sense of ability and perseverance.

I would recommend health coaching by Alyssa to anyone struggling to make even the smallest of changes and remind them that this experience has been invaluable towards my happiness and health.

I am thankful to have had this opportunity, and am excited to keep working with Alyssa while watching her flourish in her new role. I truly believe THIS is what healthcare is missing, and everyone would be healthier and happier with a little personalized coaching in their lives.


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