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Jen C. Testimonial

When I first started working with Alyssa, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I was a year into my sabbatical and really trying to figure out what was next for me. I knew I needed to start taking action, so working with Alyssa came at just the right time!

She took a beautiful holistic approach as we dove into the areas where I really wanted to take steps forward. It is such a gift to work with people in healthcare who actually understand the interconnectedness of all aspects of our health and wellbeing. She asked deep questions, pushed me just when I needed it, encouraged me and celebrated the heck out of me!

I left each session grateful for the time I spent with Alyssa! She created a welcoming and safe place for me to show up just as I am. This gave me permission to be aware of myself, fully and completely, and grow in not judging myself, where I thought I would be or where I thought I "should" be. The biggest gift that I was given: permission to dream! Alyssa helped me realize the value and fun of dreaming and what I am capable of!

If you are looking to take action in your life - ANY action! - I recommend coaching from Alyssa! She will provide a safe, fun and encouraging environment to help you create intentional and sustainable changes.


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